Soholistic Therapies Reflexology, Aromatherapy & Swedish Massage in Wokingham

Soholistic Therapies in Wokingham

Hello and Welcome to Soholistic Therapies.

My name is Jeanne Butcher. I am a fully insured and qualified Reflexologist, Aromatherapist and Masseuse. I am a member of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists.

As well as being mobile, I am located in Wokingham for evening 7:30-9:00pm and Saturday morning appointments 9-12pm which is easily accessible from Lower Early, Winnersh, Sandhurst, Finchampstead, Crowthorne, Ascot, Shinfield, Twyford, Bracknell and Reading.

I am very passionate about my therapies and I enjoy helping people to feel good, relaxed and feel balanced about themselves.

Appointments can be made anytime by calling 07532 200 741. Please leave a message if I am not available and I will return your call as soon as I can. Alternatively you can email me: I pick up emails throughout the day. Or you may use the links to the right of the page to contact me.

If you have never experienced Reflexology, Aromatherapy/Swedish Massage or Indian Head Massage before, you may be a little nervous prior to attending your first appointment. Please contact me and we can talk through any questions you may have.

Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Massage are Complementary Therapies which are a valuable aid to relaxation and help promote physical and emotional well-being.

For me, each session is unique. Everyone is different and their body changes from one session to the next. I tailor each treatment individually in which I apply the technique and pressure relative to you in order to give you the best treatment possible. I provide every client with the same level of care and compassion. I am guided by my great teachers and intuition. My therapies are a natural to me.

With Reflexology I specialise in:

  • Relief Stress & Anxiety, Better Sleep, Mood Improvement
  • MS
  • Plantar Fascitis
  • Digestive Issues - IBS
  • Hormone Inbalance / Menopause
  • Asthma
  • Back Issues / Pain
  • Improve your general sense of well being

    A Swedish Massage is medium to firm pressure and affects a wide range of health conditions associated with nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, immune and muscular systems. Combining Aromatherapy with massage is an amazing method for mental clarity, relaxation and stress. The therapeutic properties of the essential oils and the healing power of massage therapy can produce amazing results.

    With an Aromatherapy Massage, this is a gentle, rhythmic massage that encourages the mind to unwind and the muscles to relax. Having regular Aromatherapy Massages have been shown to be helpful in reducing stress and anxiety, whilst promoting relaxation and sleep and in easing muscular aches. In recent years Aromatherapy has become a very popular and used within hospices and hospitals.

    Stress impacts the body and the mind, your overall wellbeing.

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